Applications open February 1, 2020

Application deadline: April 3, 2020

Our goal with this production is to bring theatre professionals, both on-stage and off, to the Playhouse to train local students interested in learning the process of mounting a fully realized professional musical theatre production.

  1. Accepting applications from students Ages 15+

  2. Non-paying internship & housing not provided


Positions available On-Stage:

Actor Interns

Dancer Interns


Positions available Off-Stage:

Assistant Directors

Assistant Choreographers

Assistant Musical Directors

Assistant Stage Managers

Assistant Technical Directors

Assistant Costumers

Assistant Lighting Designer/Board Operators

Assistant Sound Designer/Sound Board Operators


 This is a fantastic opportunity for students interested in pursing the performing arts as a career, AND it is a great extracurricular activity to include on a college application! 


Internship Details: 


*Students will be paired with an on-stage or and off-stage professional depending on which internship path is chosen.*


      Students interested in participating on-stage for Something Rotten! will be given a free practical workshop on how to create an acting résumé, acquire a professional headshot, create an audition video, in person or video interview with producer and write a brief essay on why they want to be an on-stage intern in Something Rotten and what they hope to gain from the experience. These materials will be submitted online to the director, who will make her casting choices.


     Students interested in participating  behind-the-scenes Something Rotten! (i.e. costuming, scenic design, stage management, directing, music direction, lighting design, sound design) will be asked to write a brief essay on why they want to work backstage and what they hope to gain from the experience and participate in an in person or video interview with producer. Students will also be given a free practical workshop on how to create a résumé and take a professional headshot. These materials will be submitted to The North Street Playhouse for placement. 

      Following the last performance of Something Rotten! students will participate in a round table discussion wherein the students are asked for feedback on their experiences, ie: Were their expectations met? Did they gain practical knowledge from the instructors? Were they treated with respect? Were their questions answered sufficiently? Did they have fun? The night before the round table discussion, students are given questionnaires so that they may prepare their thoughts. Parents of students under the age of 18 are encouraged to share their thoughts as well.


     The opportunity to shadow and understudy a professional performer and crew and observe their creative process is a unique and valuable experience for the student interested in making a career in the theater. Much will be gained by witnessing great performances that evolved from serious and dedicated mental and physical discipline, while participating in a project with a group whose passion is creating art to share with an audience. There are no other local organizations presenting this opportunity to our youth! 

If you are interested in participating in our 2020 Summer Internship Program please  email the following information to: 


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