Volunteering at the Playhouse is a great way to meet new people and unleash your creativity! Join the The North Street Playhouse family by contacting us today to discuss ways to get involved.



Would you like to audition to be on stage? The process varies by production, so give us a call for the scoop!

Upcoming Auditions: Wednesday, October 5th at 5:00pm. Please call 757-787-2050 to set up your audition time.


The North Street Playhouse is always looking for volunteers – onstage and off! Do you want to help build sets and/or paint? Are you a seamstress or tailor looking to create costumes? Would you like to volunteer at the front of the house to work concessions or box office? There is truly something for everyone!





1-866-70-DRAMA or (1-866-703-7262)

Mon-Fri, 9am - 3pm