Bus stop

November 4, 5, 11, 12, 18 ,19  at 8:00Pm

November 20  at 2:30pm



A classic romantic comedy of strangers thrown together by forces of nature- their own and a howling snow storm in Kansas. Among the various patrons of Grace’s Diner on this night are “Cherie,” a bedrag- gled young ‘chanteuse,’ who has been kidnapped, and the equally young, but far less experienced, cowboy who plans to take her to his ranch in Montana and marry her. There’s also Grace, herself, whose long flirtation with the bus driver on this route, may ‘blossom’ into more over the long night, and Grace’s naïve young waitress whose good heart may leave her vulnerable to bad intentions. Add a good hearted sheriff and a guitar strumming loner, and it’s a diner full of great char- acters, love, and other predicaments!

Featuring: Isabeau Drewer, Julie Floyd, Ian Buck, Chloe Custis,

Cliff Murden, Tim Croke, Caleb Haycox, and Thom Nolan

Tickets: $20 Adult, $18 Senior, $10 Student